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Crimson Ride

GRN Green

Stops Wait Times
Routes Stop Details
Green (Bus B)
BLU (Summer 201, BRZ, EXP, GLD1, GLD2, GRN, SLVR1, SLVR2 Bus Hub (Stop Code: 3130) -- min
GRN Student Health Center (Eastbound) (Stop Code: 3035) -- min
BLU (Summer 201, GRN Capstone College of Nursing (Stop Code: 3071) -- min
GRN Rusell Hall (Stop Code: 3143) -- min
GRN Reese Hall (Stop Code: 3115) -- min
BLU (Summer 201, CRIM - Alt, EXP, GRN Tutwiler (Eastbound) (Stop Code: 3070) -- min
GRN Burke-Parham (Westbound) (Stop Code: 3055) -- min
GRN Farrah Hall (Northbound) (Stop Code: 3012) -- min
GLD2, GRN Lloyd Hall (Stop Code: 3025) -- min